The Architecture Learning Network (ALN) provides many opportunities for youth to become interested in architecture, active in their communities, and knowledgeable about the design process, historic preservation, sustainability, and digital technology. Learners can complete programs* through the ALN and receive recognition for their architectural designs.

*see our list of programs under our Find A Program page.

I’ve always had an interest in building and planning structures for cities, and I got to learn so much in a fun way. I can’t wait for next season!
— Alan, Young Architect-In-Training

To complete the architecture LEARNING Pathway, learners must complete 4 steps:


  1. Complete an architectural design middle school or high school program and earn an Architect-In-Training Badge
  2. Learn about significant architecture from the past and earn a Learning from the Past Badge. Become engaged in your community and earn an Active Citizen Badge. And research career options and earn an Exploring the Future Badge. Afterwards, declare your Architecture Specialization, and work towards your Specialization Badge.
  3. Dive deeper into architectural design through your focused specialization (i.e. sustainability) and earn a Design Application Badge
  4. Share your experience and expertise and earn an Architecture Advocate Badge.*

*After completing all 6 steps, you earn a Specialization Badge based on an architecture design focus and have completed the architecture pathway! Specialization Badges include: Community Builder, Designer + Builder, Digital Tinkerer, Master Architect, STEAM Engineer, and Sustainability Guru. Learn more about Declaring a Specialization.

To earn credit for a badge, learners must SUBMIT PROPER DOCUMENTATION* >

*you must be registered with the ALN to submit a badge