Exploring the Future Badge

The goal of this badge is to connect learners with AEC industry professionals and local universities. There are a variety of career path options, including trade school or college. Learners will explore opportunities they wish to pursue after high school graduation. 

Exploring the Future Badge Requirements



You can learn so much from a mentor working in a career that interests you. Whether you shadow a professional at work or interview someone over coffee, we'd like to know how you have grown from your experience. Written and video submissions accepted.

Your submissions must include:

  1. a description of the professional you worked with
  2. 3 highlights of your experience
  3. how you will use this experience to influence your design process

Career research

It is also important to research the career you are interested in pursuing. What credentials will you need? What knowledge and skills will you develop? 

Your submission must include: 

  1. required credentials (i.e. professional B.Arch or M.Arch degree)
  2. 5 attributes of someone in this field (i.e. creative, strong, good at communication)
  3. 5 job openings for this position in cities that interest you

Professional Profile

Research anyone in the world who is in your field of interest and write a profile of them. What makes them an inspiration to you? What about their work intrigues you?

Your submissions must include:

  1. short biography of professional
  2. photographs of their work