Design Application Badge

To further develop their architectural design skills, learners will complete an extended learning experience through the lens of their chosen focused specialization. 

Design Application Badge Requirements


We would love to hear about your ideas and concept for your project, and I'm sure you'd love to share them! Written and video submissions accepted.

Your project statement must include:

  1. brief description of the design challenge/project
  2. the concept for your design
  3. 3 positive aspects of your design
  4. 1 challenge you overcame
  5. 1 improvement for your design
  6. how your design addresses your specialization


Let's show off your hard work! Your badge submissions must include:

  1. at least 5 photographs of your project's final model or process models


All those drawings didn't come easy! Your badge submissions must include:

  1. at least 5 drawings of your final design or in-progress design. Drawings can be scanned or photographed.