Declaring a Specialization

Community Builder, Designer + Builder, Digital Tinkerer, Master Architect, STEAM Engineer, Sustainability Guru

There are many specializations within the field of architecture. Your unique interests can lead you to a niche career path. For example, you interest in robotics can lead you to a career in digital fabrication of affordable/adaptable housing. Or your interest in sustainability can lead you to a career as an energy modeling consultant for a large engineering firm. The options are endless, but we're created 6 specializations that cover a large range of viable options.


community builder

You empathize with communities challenged by environmental, economic, and social issues. As an architect, you don’t want to serve the rich, you want to bring equity to the world. 

Architect: Michael Murphy, MASS Design Group

Architecture That's Built to Heal, Micheal Murphy TED Talk


designer + builder

You thrive in settings where you can get your hands dirty and build things at full scale. It wont be enough for architecture school to be just drawing pictures, you need to see your designs come to life.

Organization: Project RE_

Inside Project RE_, Video; Teaching Design for Change, Emily Pilloton, TED Talk


digital tinkerer

You see the potential of technology to change the way we design and create our built environment. You look forward to courses teaching and implementing new technology.

Company: Gehry Technologies

Design at the Intersection of Technology and Biology, Neri Oxman TED Talk



Master architect

You love architecture in its simplest definition, and believe an architect is a master craftsman of our built world. You stare at buildings under construction or admire the beautiful ornamentation of an old church.

OMA, Architect Rem Koolhaas

About Zaha Hadid Architects, Architect Zaha Hadid


steam engineer

You enjoy testing ideas and solving everyday problems. Maybe you had a hard time picking a major between architecture and engineering.

Buckminster Fuller Institute, Architect Buckminster Fuller 

Creatures from the mind of the engineer: Architect Santiago Calitrava, YouTube


sustainable guru

You look at our environment and see a potential for change. Our world is being consumed; humans are becoming parasites on this planet and we need solutions for our energy, water, and food crises.

evolveEA: Sustainable Architecture and Consulting firm

Using Nature's Genius in Architecture: Michael Pawlyn, TED Talk