Active Citizen Badge

Architects are highly active citizens within communities, and it is important for learners to complete a learning experience that fosters a sense of activism, agency, and volunteerism. 

active citizen badge requirements



You can learn so much from an experience working alongside a diverse group of people from a community. Whether you attended a community meeting or worked on a letter to a policy maker, we'd like to know how you have grown from your experience. Written and video submissions accepted.

Your submissions must include:

  1. a description of the community members you worked with
  2. 3 highlights of your experience
  3. how you will use this experience to influence your design process

Problem statement

The community you are working with will have some problems to address. Choose a problem you would like to create a design for and write a description of the problem.

Your submission must include:

  1. a paragraph describing a challenge in the commuity

design solution

Design solutions for communities come in all shapes and sizes, but submit documents that describe your solution (i.e. sketches).

Your submission must include:

  1. 3 files showing your design solution (images/words/sketches)